Consentmo vs. Pandectes

Comparing Consentmo and Pandectes Shopify apps: Superior Privacy and Compliance Solutions

Understanding Privacy Tools: Consentmo vs. Pandectes

Dive into our comparison of Consentmo and Pandectes, where we dissect the key features, compliance measures, and user experiences to help you make the right choice in protecting your customers' privacy.

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Compliance comparison between Consentmo and Pandectes

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💎Built for Shopify - Built for Excellence

Consentmo is the first GDPR compliance app to receive the prestigious 'Built for Shopify' badge. This achievement signifies that we have met Shopify’s highest quality standards for safety, performance, and usefulness. While there may be occasional limitations due to Shopify requirements, we're proud to offer a top-notch user experience to our valued users.

Consentmo's Full Compliance with TCF v2.2

Consentmo is fully compliant with the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), demonstrating our commitment to transparency, user control, and data protection. This compliance means that our app respects user preferences regarding data usage and fosters trust in our privacy-focused approach.

Your Trusted Google Certified CMP Partner

Consentmo is honored to be recognized as a Google Certified CMP Partner, a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in consent management and regulatory compliance. This esteemed accreditation underscores our relentless pursuit of providing best-in-class solutions tailored to managing user consent and upholding the highest standards of data privacy regulations.

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