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With Consentmo
compliance is simpler than it sounds

Offer a tailored consent experience that reflects your brand’s image

Empower your customers with Consentmo's fully customizable Cookie bar and Preferences popup. Enhance transparency and control by displaying them when visitors land on your store, allowing them to personalize their cookie preferences to align with their privacy choices.

Empower visitors with full control over their privacy

Deliver comprehensive information to your visitors by providing detailed information about the cookie groups and specific cookies they are accepting or choosing to partially/fully reject.

Provide visitors with a responsive and user-friendly banner

The Cookie bar is thoughtfully optimized for seamless compatibility across a wide range of devices, including tablets and mobile screens. Enjoy a consistent experience on any device with Consentmo's responsive design.

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This app is a must-have for website compliance. Their customer service is exceptional, always providing quick responses and top-notch support. Their clear communication sets them apart and makes them the best in their field. For all your privacy needs, Consentmo is the way to go!
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I highly recommend!


Setting it up is easy as anything. They even have a chat option where I spoke to a real person who helped me to check that I was consent v2 compliant and good to go.

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Amazing service!


Honestly, by far the best GDPR Compliance app ever... Customer Support will be here to help you to get compliant with the Google Consent Mode v2. Recommended!



Consentmo has been a great solution for us, keeping pace with the ever-changing world of privacy regulations. Navigating GDPR and Google's consent expectations can be complex, but Consentmo has simplified the process. Setting it up is a breeze, and the first-rate customer service ensures any minor issues are quickly resolved.
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Highly recommended!


I highly recommend this GDPR compliance application for any Shopify store owner looking to safeguard their customers' data and adhere to legal requirements. Thanks to the support team for their exceptional service and commitment to helping businesses thrive in a compliant manner.

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Exceptional service!


I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable assistance in resolving a critical issue with the cookie bar for my website. Their expertise and dedication were evident throughout the process, as they swiftly identified the problem and implemented effective solutions. I highly recommend!
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Is your site compliant?
Is your site compliant?