Data Meets Privacy: Unveiling the Consentmo & Elevar Alliance


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Dilyana Simeonova
November 30, 2023
Data Meets Privacy: Unveiling the Consentmo & Elevar Alliance

Hey there, Ecommerce enthusiasts! 👋 Big news is coming your way! We're super excited to announce that Consentmo is teaming up with Elevar, the masters of making data work smarter for your Shopify store. 🛍️

Trust Your Data? Let's Make It Even Better!

In the digital shop-sphere, it’s all about trusting your numbers. Want to spend those marketing dollars wisely? Elevar's got your back! With their server-side tracking, every click and purchase is traced, giving you the whole picture of your marketing efforts. Imagine having your conversions neatly delivered to your channels like Facebook, TikTok, and Google Ads – it's like having a superpower! 💪🚀

And guess what? That Klaviyo email flow that you've been tweaking? Elevar can pump it up by 2-3 times with their Session Enrichment trick. Now, that’s what we call an upgrade!

How Elevar Rolls:

Elevar is like that cool gadget that just makes everything better. Their core data layer tool slips into your Google Tag Manager like a charm, helping you keep an eye on all those important site events. Whether it's your ads on Meta or Google, they’ve got you covered. 🎯

Their three-step tracking is simple:

  1. They tie Shopify’s own tracking to your events and orders for that eagle-eye view.
  2. They peek at those UTM parameters to figure out where your traffic's really coming from.
  3. They dig into cookie data to get the full scoop.
Enter Consentmo: The Privacy Protectors

Now, mix in a little Consentmo magic, and voilà! We make sure all those tags from Google Tag Manager wait politely for your visitors' consent (thanks to Google Consent Mode). 🍪🔒

It's all about respecting privacy while still keeping your data game strong. Want to see this tag-team action in play? Check out our guides on integrating Consentmo with Google Consent Mode"

Wrapping It Up!

So, what do you get when you blend Elevar’s data prowess with Consentmo’s dedication to privacy? A dynamic duo ready to take your online store to stardom! 🌠

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