Get Your Store Compliance-Ready with Our Free Consentmo Checklist!

Privacy Laws

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Dilyana Simeonova
September 7, 2023
Get Your Store Compliance-Ready with Our Free Consentmo Checklist!

Get Your Store Compliance-Ready Now with Our Free Consentmo Checklist

What's up, Shopify store owners! You know how the word "compliance" can make you break into a cold sweat? 😓 Well, stress no more. We've got just the thing for you — a Consentmo Compliance Checklist!

So what's "Compliance"?

Let's cut to the chase: Compliance is about playing by the rules so you can run a shop that's as clean as a whistle. Think of it like the traffic lights and stop signs of the digital world. 🚦 Miss them, and you could be in for an unfortunate surprise — like fines, or even losing your customers' trust.

What's Inside Our Checklist?

We want to present our checklist packed with goodness, such as:

  • Privacy Policy: What to say, how to say it, and where to put it.
  • Cookie Consent: A step-by-step guide to getting the thumbs-up from your visitors.
  • Age Restrictions: Tips for ID-ing customers when you need to. Using an app that is able to restrict registration based on different criteria (like age) is very beneficial.
  • Record Keeping: Be the Sherlock Holmes of your own business.
  • Refund Policy: All about making returns and refunds a breeze.
  • Trademark Check: Make sure your store’s name isn't stepping on anyone’s toes.

For the full checklist, click here!

You, Shopify, and Compliance

Shopify is super good at keeping you in the clear, but you've got to chip in too. If you're selling worldwide, you need to juggle laws from the GDPR in Europe to the CCPA/CPRA in the U.S., and even APPI for our friends in Japan.

Just Say "Yes" to User Consent 🤝

Before you start snagging emails or peeping at your customers' clicks, you need a big "YES" from them. That's what user consent is all about, and it's not just good manners—it's the law.

Let's Talk Cookies, Shall We? 🍪

Cookie scanning is where it's at for making sure you’re not messing with something you are not supposed to. A cookie scanner tool is like your own private detective, scanning your site for all those sneaky data munchers.

If you're looking to get a quick snapshot of your website's current cookie usage, why not give our Consentmo Cookie Scanner a try? It's free and an excellent starting point for sorting out those unknown cookies that could affect your compliance status.

No need for a law degree to get compliance right. Just follow our Checklist, and you'll be well on your way to running a Shopify store that's not just awesome but also law-abiding!🌟

Grab your free checklist, brought to you by the Consentmo app, the one-stop-shop for all your compliance needs. Cheers to selling more and stressing less!

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