Where Consentmo fits in the GDPR compliance prosses

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Dilyana Simeonova
December 22, 2022
Where Consentmo fits in the GDPR compliance prosses

Making GDPR Compliance Easy: The Role of Consentmo in Your Strategy

If you were wondering what exactly Consentmo does for the compliance of your store, we have prepared this blog post to tell you all about it. We will be focusing on the GDPR laws we help cover and the advice we have for you as merchants, to maximize the security of your store.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation is one of the strongest and strictest rules for compliance in the world. Simply put, it dictates how people can get information about themselves, what limits they have, and what other organizations and companies can do with that personal data. The GDPR compliance laws are a pretty lengthy text, that was first accepted on May 25, 2018, and consists of 99 individual articles.

What tools does Consentmo provide?

As we said, Consentmo gives store owners multiple needed tools to cover their compliance list. Here are some of the most valuable features we can offer:

1. Cookie bar and Preferences popup

The Cookie bar and Preferences popup on your store

The Cookie bar and Preferences popup are the main dishes in this course meal. They are easily customizable to fit any GDPR regulation in the EU/EEA countries with editable text, Accept all/ Reject all/ Close buttons, and additional cookie information for clients. They are also very versatile in style, design, and color. Further configurations can be made in the Cookie Bar tab and Design Settings tab of the app.

Cookie Bar tab

Settings for the Cookie bar in the Consentmo app

Design Settings tab

Customizing the Cookie bar in the Consentmo app

For more information on configuring the Cookie bar, you can check the "New Redesign of the Cookie Bar tab for the Consentmo app" blog post and the "New design layouts for the Cookie bar and Preferences popup" blog post.

2. Pre-generated Compliance pages

Compliance page example

Global Settings tab

Where to view compliance pages in the Consentmo app

Compliance pages are automatically created when you install our app. These pages include all the necessary GDPR types of data subject requests your store needs in order to be compliant with the latest EU/EEA regulations. Your website visitors should have easy access to your store's compliance page. We recommend adding this page in your footer, navigation menus, or anywhere that can be convenient. Also, to see the GDPR Compliance page, head over to the Global Settings tab and click on the View Your GDPR page button. To read more on the Compliance pages and how to set them up, check the "Compliance pages" blog post.

3. Cookie scanner

Scan your Shopify store's cookies

The Cookie Scanner simply shows you all of the cookies, that are present in your store, when a customer visits the store for the first time. This feature is located in the Cookie Bar tab > Cookies Management section. To see how the Cookie scanner tool works, you can read our "How to better understand the Cookie Information Panel and the Cookie Scanner" blog post.

4. Cookie Information Panel

The Cookie Information Panel in Consentmo

The Cookie Information Panel is a premium feature that allows you to choose whether the cookie information will be displayed to your customers or not. If you set the setting "Display Cookie information" to Yes, the customers will be able to see the information about their cookies in the Preferences popup. This tool can also be found in the Cookie Bar tab > Cookies Management section and to learn more about it, head over to our "How to better understand the Cookie Information Panel and the Cookie Scanner" blog post.

5. Cookie Information Table

The Cookie Information Table in Consentmo
The Cookie table and export option

The Cookie Information Table section, located in the Cookie Bar tab > Cookies Management section, will show you all of the cookies listed on your site, separated into tables by category for your convenience. There, you will be able to copy the table for each cookie group or make a copy of all tables at once and paste it into a page of your choosing, like a Cookie Policy page or your store's Privacy Policy page. We have made a specific blog post on this feature - "Introducing the newest feature of our Consentmo app - Cookie Information Table", so check it out for more information.

6. Translation

Third-party translation apps compatible with Consentmo

As the texts on the Cookie bar and Preferences popup also need to fit specific GDPR regulations, translating them can be a hassle. So, our Consentmo app has integrated with multiple translation Shopify apps, which will guarantee a perfect translation in the language of your choosing. All of the apps Consentmo can work with are located in the Integration tab > Translation apps section and for more information on all the ways to translate the app, including manual and automatic, check out the "All possible options to Translate the Cookie Bar & Preferences popup" blog post.

7. Service Tracking

Tracking services Consentmo can assist in blocking

To assist in your GDPR compliance, we also have integrated with multiple tracking services - Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Consent Mode, and Facebook Pixel. In the Integrations tab > Services Tracking section, we have made it readily available for our premium users, who integrate most of the tracking services manually, instead of using the Online Store > Preferences option. See the "What more can the Integrations tab do for your shop?" blog post to read more on this.

8. Trigger the Cookie Bar and Preferences popup after accepting/rejecting it already

Many countries in the EU/EEA insist on having a way to access the Cookie bar, even after clicking on the Accept or Reject buttons. You have to be able to change your decision on the cookies at any time. In order for the merchants to easily implement that for their store visitors, we have created these two FAQs on the topic - "Is there a way to show the Preferences popup after a visitor has already accepted the cookies?" and "How to add a Cookie bar Widget to the bottom of the page?".

Our app itself is not intended to substitute professional legal advice. You can use it as a tool that will provide you the basis for being compliant (Cookie Bar, Preferences popup, Compliance Pages, Cookie, and Data management) and adjust it as per your local business needs.

These are just a few of the tools and features we offer within the app, to assist store owners with their GDPR compliance and in 2023 there are many more to come. To keep your store and visitors safe, go ahead and download the Consentmo app. If you have any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email, or simply check our FAQ page.

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