10 Shopify Apps to Boost your Store for Black Friday

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Alexandrina Filipova
October 24, 2023
10 Shopify Apps to Boost your Store for Black Friday

10 Game-Changing Shopify Apps for Black Friday Success

Welcome to the ultimate guide for BFCM success! 🚀 If you're a Shopify merchant gearing up for the holiday shopping, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we'll unveil a handpicked selection of top-notch Shopify apps that can supercharge your BFCM performance. These apps are trusted by thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs and are designed to make your BFCM preparations smoother and your results more impressive. So, let's dive in and discover the essential tools that will help you conquer this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 💪🛍️

Consentmo GDPR Compliance by Consentmo

Equip your Shopify store with Consentmo and step into a hassle-free compliance experience

Consentmo Black Friday special deals

Consentmo is the go-to compliance solution tailored for Shopify merchants. With the increasing emphasis on digital rights and privacy, we understand the complexities and challenges that e-commerce businesses face. Our app seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, offering an intuitive interface to ensure you meet global compliance standards. With Consentmo, you’re not just getting a tool, but a partner in navigating the evolving landscape of e-commerce compliance.

Key Features:

  • Compliance Simplified: Handle laws effortlessly with our Compliance pages.
  • Your Bar, Your Rules: Personalize your cookie bar to fit your brand's identity.
  • Advanced cookie helpers - cookie scanner, info tables and cookie management
  • Accessibility First: Be WCAG 2.0 compliant, ready for Shopify Online Store 2.0.
  • Swift Learning: Available YouTube videos and 24 EU languages coverage!

Black Friday Offer:  20% OFF on Plus and Enterprise plans starting from October 23rd until November 17th. The discounted prices will be valid until the Consentmo app is uninstalled. 

Promo code: Discount is automatically applied via the link

Link: Consentmo app

PageFly Landing Page Builder by PageFly

Create high-converting landing pages at ease with a powerful drag-and-drop system
BFCM PageFly special deal

Enhance your store's look and feel with PageFly's user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Easily personalize every aspect of your design, from the tiniest details to the big picture. Whether you prefer starting from a template or a blank canvas, our wide range of elements lets you turn your concepts into reality. PageFly serves everyone, whether you're a beginner in e-commerce or an established business looking to expand. Discover a search engine optimized and intuitive platform tailored to fuel your creativity and achieve your business objectives.

Key Features:

  • Start with page and section templates for all page types
  • Create SEO-friendly pages without slowing down your store
  • Flexible drag and drop editor combines with advanced lead-gen element library
  • Responsive for mobile, tablet display. Customize every screen size individually
  • Compatible with all themes. Work smoothly with default theme styles

Black Friday Offer:  10% lifetime discount - All paid plans. Exclusive discount for Consentmo's users, install now and apply the coupon code. No expiration date. Starting October 3rd

Promo code: Consentmo10

Link: PageFly

UpPromote Affiliate & Referral by Secomapp

Streamline, user-friendly referral and affiliate program app
UpPromote BFCM special deal

Unlock UpPromote's potent influencer marketing and referral program app, earning the trust of top brands and experts through authentic testimonials. Embrace global acclaim for our seamless affiliate marketing setup, delivering comprehensive features like versatile commission structures, automated coupons, and affiliate links. Our expert-endorsed solution empowers merchants to enhance customer loyalty and establish a robust referral and rewards program to drive customer collaborations. Count on our dedicated support team, available anytime you need assistance.

Key Features:

  • Customize everything matching your brand: affiliate link, form, affiliate portal
  • Create rewards & discounts with customer referral program for repeat purchases
  • Seamlessly track referral orders via affiliate links, coupons, connected emails
  • Motivate affiliates with powerful options: bonuses, gifts, store credit and MLM
  • Automate your affiliate program process: PayPal auto-pay, Auto-tier Commission

Black Friday Offer:  Install UpPromote now to get 20% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link. Noted: This BFCM offer applies for new users only. Starting October 1st

Promo code: Discount is automatically applied via the link

Link: UpPromote

RecurrinGO! Subscriptions App by SpurIT

Skyrocket your customer lifetime value 1.5x on average with automatic subscriptions
Spur IT

RecurrinGO! is a subscription app that will help you capitalize on revenue during the holiday season. The app allows you to sell products to customers on a subscription basis, thus fostering their loyalty and increasing CLV 1.5 times on average. Merchants highly recommend this app for streamlining subscription billing and management. It's praised for its user-friendly interface, seamless Shopify integration, and excellent functionality.

Key Features:

  • Auto-charging subscriptions and invoices
  • Pay-per-delivery & prepaid subscriptions, flexible discount options
  • Cancellation & dunning management
  • Intuitive customer portal designed to retain and engage your subscribers
  • Analytics to get insights from subscription rules and customer subscriptions

Black Friday Offer:
Free to install, 3% transaction fee
Basic Plan, $9.00/month, 1% transaction fee
Plus Plan, $29.00/month, 0.5% transaction fee
Pro Plan, $99.00/month, 0.25% transaction fee
Ultimate Plan, $199.00/month, no transaction fee

Promo code: N/A

Link: RecurrinGO! Subscriptions App

GemPages Landing Page Builder by GemPages

All-in-one store customization with Visual Editor and AI-powered features
GemPages BFCM offer

Bring your vision to life with our upgraded Drag & Drop Editor. No coding required. Create various page types easily using templates or AI-generated layouts from images/URLs. Customize brand experiences with advanced options. Boost conversions with powerful elements. Launch effective landing pages for marketing campaigns. Ensure mobile visitor conversions with built-in speed enhancements. All on one visual canvas.

Key Features:

  • All page types: Home, Product, Collection, FAQ, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages
  • Stunning mobile-friendly templates that work with the latest Shopify themes
  • Built-in sales boosters: Countdown, Stock Counter, Bundles, Compare-at-price
  • Minimalized building effort: Turn images/URLs into layouts in seconds with AI
  • Enhanced productivity: Global Style, Product Assignment, and more

Black Friday Offer:  15% off all monthly plans for users making the first payment From Oct 1st to Dec 31st 2023.

Promo code: Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Link: GemPages

Parcel Panel Order Tracking by Channelwill
Enhance customer satisfaction and supercharge your sales with a personalized post-purchase tracking journey
Parcel Panel banner

Keep tabs on your orders in real-time, tackling issues before customers raise concerns. Automate shipping notifications for proactive customer updates. Craft a custom, multilingual tracking page with ease, eliminating the "Where is my order?" queries. Boost sales with intelligent upselling. Harness robust analytics to optimize your shipping strategies. Effortlessly conceal Chinese origins with a single click, ideal for drop-shipping. For assistance, reach out via our 24/7 online chat or email support.

Key Features:

  • Smart dashboard, track your order in 1 go, push parcel tracking info to PayPal
  • Engage your customers through seamless ParcelPanel shipping notifications
  • Branded order lookup page with abundant custom elements, no more WISMO tickets
  • Perfect for drop-shipping app, easily hide all Chinese origin with 1 click
  • Even better, smart upsell system, powerful analytics, and 24/7 customer support

Black Friday Offer:  Get 30-day free trial and  offer the best order tracking experience for your customers on your own website. Valid for new users only

Promo code: Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Link: ParcelPanel

qikify Checkout Customizer by qikify
Elevate your checkout process effortlessly with a single app
qikify Checkout Customizer

Maximize your Checkout page's capabilities with qikify Checkout Customizer. Tailor your checkout payment and delivery methods for FREE. If you're a Shopify Plus owner, gather customer info with Custom Fields, enhance checkout upselling and cross-selling with Product Offers, auto discounts, and craft a seamless custom checkout upsell process to reduce cart abandonment. Additional checkout customization features include Banner, Reward Bar, Testimonials, Slideshow, and more.

Key Features:

  • FREE Customize checkout payment & delivery methods (Work for all Shopify plans)
  • Custom checkout fields: Various templates & conditions to provide more services
  • Product offers: Checkout upsell, cross-sell with auto discount in checkout page
  • Custom cart: Update item options; or checkout upsell with quantity discount
  • Customize checkout page's branding, create banner, Reward bar, Testimonial

Black Friday Offer:  20% lifetime discount valid from October 10th until December 31st

Promo code: CDMCO23

Link: qikify Checkout Customizer

qikify Sales Pop up & Proof by qikify
Your ultimate sales & marketing toolkit to turn visitors into loyal customers

A suite of powerful sales-boosting tools in one convenient app. Elevate your sales game with features like social proof through recent sales notifications, visitor counters, and sales popups. Gain trust and entice new customers with engaging elements like newsletter popups, discounts, and exit popups. Enhance your conversion rate with various promotional bars, including cart countdowns and announcement bars.

Key Features:

  • SOCIAL PROOF: display Recent Purchases, Sales Popup, Visitor Counter
  • SCARCITY & FOMO: show Sold Count, Countdown Timer
  • POPUPS: show Email, Newsletter, Discount, Exit Popup to collect data
  • PROMO BAR: promote campaign and show announcement with Promotional Bar
  • Analytics to control app performance and manage campaigns

Black Friday Offer:  10% lifetime discount valid from October 10th until December 31st

Promo code: CSMSK23

Link: qikify Sales Pop up & Proof

Fera Product Reviews App by Fera Commerce Inc
Show beautiful, simple product reviews with Fera

The complete review app for managing customer feedback. Showcase product reviews while keeping your brand's look. Import from various sources, schedule review requests, and boost your business with customization and multi-language support.

Key Features:

  • Import and sync product reviews from Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, and Google, etc.
  • Customize review widget styles to match your website's look and feel
  • Show product reviews and ratings in Google Search and Google Shopping results
  • Automatic post-purchase review request emails to collect photo and video reviews
  • Reward customer reviews with discounts, points and cash-back incentives

Black Friday Offer:  Use Fera 3 Months for FREE. The offer is valid for new users only, starting October 18th until December 15th

Promo code: Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Link:  Fera Product Reviews

MBC Bundle Products by Capital Apps OÜ

More Benefits for Less: Boost Revenue with MBC Bundle Products!
MBC Bundle Products

MBC Bundle Products allow you to create visually appealing bundles that cater to your customers' preferences with advanced customization. Enhance your AOV and drive revenue effortlessly. Whether you want to offer Buy-One-Get-One deals, quantity discounts, build-your-own bundles, this user-friendly app has got you covered. It seamlessly integrates with your theme. Gain valuable insights through AI-driven recommendations and track your top-selling products.

Key Features:

  • Embrace custom bundle patterns, create unique bundles
  • Experiment with BOGO and quantity-based discounts. Attract and engage customers
  • Visually appealing and easy-to-understand bundle presentations
  • Personalize bundles with a Mix & Match concept
  • Drive sales effortlessly with the Product Pack pattern

Black Friday Offer:  To get in on this special offer, install the MBC Bundle Products App! Then upgrade to Pro Plan at the App Fee Page and enter the promo code to the dedicated field at the App Fee Page. If you activate the promo code during this period, you'll get 3 months at a reduced price! Available for first-time users only. This offer is valid from October 16th to December 31st

Promo code: BFCM-BNDL-23

Link:  MBC Bundle Products

As you prepare for the excitement of Black Friday Cyber Monday, keep in mind that the perfect Shopify apps can serve as your hidden ace for triumph. Don't hesitate, power up your BFCM performance, and witness your Shopify store reaching unprecedented heights this festive season. Cheers to a BFCM that breaks all records!

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