Last-Minute BFCM Tips for Shopify Merchants: A 2023 Consentmo Guide

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Dilyana Simeonova
November 21, 2023
Last-Minute BFCM Tips for Shopify Merchants: A 2023 Consentmo Guide

Preparing for BFCM: Last-Minute Tips from Consentmo for Shopify Merchants 2023

Hey Shopify friends! 👋 The BFCM hustle is real, and it's crunch time! But don't sweat it-Consentmo’s got your back with some easy-to-implement, game-changing tips that'll help you smash those sales goals. Let's dive in, shall we?

🎉 Let the Countdown Begin!

Who doesn't love a good countdown? Amp up the excitement by displaying a countdown timer for your hottest deals. It's like the ball drop on New Year's Eve, but for awesome sales!

⚡ Flash Those Sales!

Flash sales are the secret sauce for creating buzz. Sprinkle them throughout BFCM weekend and watch your customers swoop in for those can't-miss deals.

📦 Get Your Inventory in Check!

Nothing's worse than selling a product that's already out of stock. Be sure to keep an eye on your stock levels, so you're all set for the shopper onslaught.

🚚 Speedy Shipping = Happy Customers

We're all a little impatient, right? Offer express shipping to make sure your customers' goodies arrive faster than they can say "BFCM sale!"

📱 Make Mobile Your BFF

Most shoppers will visit your store from their phones, so make sure your site looks amazing and works like a charm on any device.

📣 Market Like There’s No Tomorrow!

It's never too late for some last-minute marketing magic. Shoot out those emails and texts with a personal touch, and watch the sales roll in.

💨 Checkout in a Flash

Nobody likes long lines, even online. Streamline your checkout so it’s as quick as snapping a selfie.

💌 Emails That Get Clicks

Craft those BFCM emails with love and a sprinkle of urgency. Make ‘em feel special, and they’ll be clicking 'Buy Now' before you know it. For more tips on Black Friday email marketing, check out this blog post!

💬 Chat It Up!

Got questions? Be ready to answer them on the spot. A quick chat can turn a "maybe" into a "yes!"

🛒 Cart Abandonment No More!

Send a gentle nudge (or a sweet deal) to those who left their carts lonely. You'll be surprised how many will come back to checkout.

🎯 Ads That Turn Heads

Make your social media ads pop! Target them like a laser beam to get right in front of the eyes that matter. For more on that, check out our blog on the topic.

🖥️ Can Your Site Handle the Heat?

Make sure your website can take the traffic surge. A smooth shopping experience means more sales and fewer "Oops, something went wrong" messages.

🎯 Landing Pages That Convert

Roll out the red carpet with special landing pages for BFCM. Make them clear, catchy, and all about the buy button.

🎟️ Gift Cards Galore!

Gift cards are like giving a shopping spree. Spice up your gift card offers with a BFCM twist and watch them fly off the virtual shelves.

So there you have it, folks! With these friendly last-minute tips, your Shopify store is all set to wow your customers and make this BFCM the best one yet. Let’s get those sales ringing in and have some fun while we’re at it! 🎈🛍️

Go get 'em, and remember — Consentmo is rooting for you! 🌟

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