A Milestone Moment: Consentmo Earns the Esteemed 'Built for Shopify' Badge

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Dilyana Simeonova
August 3, 2023
A Milestone Moment: Consentmo Earns the Esteemed 'Built for Shopify' Badge

Consentmo Achieves Prestigious 'Built for Shopify' Badge

Big news, folks! Consentmo, your favorite data protection buddy, is now a proud owner of the 'Built for Shopify' badge. And guess what? We're the first compliance app to score this shiny award!

'Build for Shopify' badge

'Build for Shopify' badge

Searching the Shopify app store for 'GDPR'

Consentmo is the only compliance app with Build for Shopify badge in the Shopify app store

But what's all the fuss about this 'Built for Shopify' thing? Well, it's kind of a big deal. Shopify dishes out this badge to apps that stick to their strict standards, ensuring you get a super-smooth, top-notch experience.

Our team at Consentmo rolled up their sleeves and got down to business to hit these high standards. Here's the lowdown on how we did it:

Sticking to the Rules: We've always played by the Shopify API License and Terms of Use, never breaking the rules of the Partner Program Agreement.

Selling Apps on the Shopify App Store: We're always up to scratch with the Shopify App Store rules, nailing every audit that comes our way.

Playing Nice with Themes: We're not about messing up your Shopify themes. Our app fits in perfectly using theme app extensions, meaning no leftover code when you uninstall.

Keeping Your Theme Files Tidy: We never fiddle with your theme files using the Asset API unless Shopify says it's cool.

Speedy Store Performance: We've got your back on compliance without slowing down your store. We always make sure our app doesn’t reduce the Lighthouse performance score by more than ten points.

Smooth Mobile Experience: We've optimized Consentmo for speedy loading on mobile devices. No more waiting around!

Seamless Shopify Integration: We've embedded Consentmo within the Shopify admin panel. It’s like we were always there!

Making Things Easy: We keep things simple, following Shopify's guidelines to make sure you don't need a map to navigate our app.

Friendly Design: We took Shopify’s design advice to heart and created an app that's super easy to use and takes the headache out of compliance. We followed the specific Shopify design guidelines do you can instinctively be able to navigate the app.

The design of the Consentmo app, following the Shopify design guidelines

We can't thank our team enough for their hard work and dedication in earning this badge. We're stoked to keep serving our users with a kick-ass, seamless, and compliance-focused experience! 🤗

Consentmo GDPR Compliance app in Shopify App store with the Build For Shopify badge

With Consentmo taking care of your store's compliance, you can put your feet up and focus on doing what you love - growing your business. Thanks for letting us be part of your journey. Here's to smashing more goals together!

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