Beyond the Basics: Why Your Shopify Store Needs Consentmo

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Dilyana Simeonova
February 29, 2024
Beyond the Basics: Why Your Shopify Store Needs Consentmo

Enhancing Your Shopify Store with Consentmo

In the bustling digital marketplace of Shopify, your store is more than just a collection of products—it's a hub of customer interactions, data exchanges, and, importantly, privacy considerations. As a Shopify merchant, you're not just responsible for selling; you're also a guardian of your customers' personal data. But here's the thing: with the complexity of legal requirements and consumer privacy expectations skyrocketing, relying solely on Shopify's basic Customer Privacy settings just doesn't cut it anymore. Enter the need for a dedicated privacy compliance app, like Consentmo.

🔍 The Basics of Compliance for Shopify Stores

At its core, compliance for Shopify stores is about understanding and adhering to a set of laws and regulations. These laws dictate how personal data should be collected, processed, and stored. They are designed to protect your customers' privacy and to ensure that businesses are transparent about their data practices.

🛠️ Shopify's Built-In Privacy Tools: A Starting Point

Shopify has laid the groundwork by including basic privacy tools in their platform. These tools, accessible through the Customer Privacy section in the settings, offer fundamental features such as a cookie consent banner and preferences for visitors in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK. However, these tools may not encompass all that's required to fully comply with the intricate and ever-evolving data protection laws.

📈 What Consentmo Adds to the Mix: Beyond the Basics

Consentmo steps up where Shopify's basic offerings end. Even in our free plan, we provide a richer set of tools:

  • Quick Setup: 1, 2, 3 and the cookie bar is up and running on your store.
  • Cookie Bar + Preferences: Customize your cookie consent bar to match your store’s vibe, complete with visitor preference settings, providing granular consent.
  • Consent Log: Keep a detailed record of consent, data requests, and deletions for hassle-free compliance and audits.
  • Compliance Pages: Ready pages for your customer to submit all kinds of GDPR requests for account edit, deletion, reports etc.
  • EU Languages Ready: Speak your EU customers' language—literally—with multilingual support.
  • Mobile Ready: Look great and stay compliant on any device.
  • Chat Support: Get help when you need it with direct chat support.
  • Google Consent Mode V2 setup: Our support team will help you with the full integration of the new Consent Mode, going beyond is our mission!
🌟 Your Store, Elevated

By integrating Consentmo, you're not just ticking off compliance checkboxes; you're enhancing the shopper experience and demonstrating your commitment to privacy. Our app is designed to be a seamless extension of your Shopify store, having earned the 💎Build for Shopify badge, and provides peace of mind for both you and your customers.

In the digital age, where privacy is prized, having Consentmo is like having an expert by your side. We're here to ensure that your Shopify store isn't just meeting the basic standards of compliance but is setting the bar higher. With Consentmo, you're prepared for the present and ready for the future of e-commerce.

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