Maryland Leads the Charge: Understand the "Kids Code" for Safer Online Spaces

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Dilyana Simeonova
April 16, 2024
Maryland Leads the Charge: Understand the "Kids Code" for Safer Online Spaces

Charting a Safe Digital Frontier for Our Youth

In the digital age, where children and teens are as intertwined with online platforms as adults, ensuring their safety and privacy is not just a convenience - it's a necessity. While we rigorously test tangible products like cribs and car seats for our children's safety, the internet - a vast playground and classroom for the younger generation - has often been overlooked. But not anymore. Maryland is paving the way with the pioneering "Maryland Kids Code," making sure that our kids’ digital environment is as safe as their physical one.

🛡️ The Call for Digital Safety:

Every day, countless young eyes and minds navigate an online world primarily crafted for adults, facing a gauntlet of privacy concerns, exposure to harmful material, and risky interactions. The internet, in its sprawling vastness, has not been subject to the product safety testing that we, as a society, deem essential for children and teens. However, the tide is turning with bold legislation like the Age Appropriate Design Code, commonly referred to as the "Kids Code."

📜 The UK's Example and California's Adoption:

The UK has been at the forefront of this movement, implementing the "Kids Code" and compelling Big Tech companies to enact meaningful changes that protect younger users by design and default. Following in these footsteps, California signed a similar legislation into law, signaling a growing commitment to safeguarding children's digital experiences across the globe.

⚔️ The Battle Against Big Tech and the Road to Compliance:

As Big Tech companies arm themselves with formidable resources to contest such regulations, the passage of the Maryland Kids Code signals a clear message: the wellbeing and safety of children and teens in digital spaces take precedence. This is where companies like Consentmo come into the picture.

🔐 How Consentmo Answers the Call:

Consentmo is a Shopify app dedicated to simplifying data privacy and compliance. With the Maryland Kids Code set to take effect, Consentmo stands as a vital tool for Shopify merchants who cater to a younger audience. Consentmo ensures that your online store aligns with the principles of "Privacy by design", integrating safeguards and settings that resonate with the spirit of the "Kids Code."

🚀 Conclusion:

As Maryland sets an example for the rest of the nation, it is imperative that online platforms - big and small - recognize the importance of this shift. The digital world must be reimagined and reconstructed with the safety and privacy of its youngest users as a priority. With the Maryland Kids Code, we have a blueprint for a safer internet, an environment where kids and teens can explore, learn, and grow without undue risks.

Consentmo is proud to support this transformation. By equipping Shopify merchants with the tools to be compliant, we're contributing to a future where our children's online experiences are protected with as much vigor as their offline ones. Together we can build a digital world that's worthy of our kids - a world where their safety and wellbeing are ingrained in every click, every app, and every website.

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