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Alexandrina Filipova
April 1, 2021
Consentmo app - Help Center improvements

A Closer Look at the Revamped Help Center in the Consentmo App

The Help Center in the Consentmo app has been recently improved and we are happy to show you all the options and useful information that you can find there. This will help you check any initial issues you may experience with the app, find useful resources, or even diagnose your situation before opening a chat with a support agent.

Improvements that will help you facilitate your work with the GDPR app

When navigating to the Help Center tab now, you will see the brand new outlook of this section with two options: Live Chat and FAQ

Help center tab

By selecting Live Chat, the most common issues that the users are experiencing will be displayed. Let's go through each of them.

Common issues that users are facing

1.The cookie consent bar is not showing - if you click on this first most common issue you will be forwarded to the Diagnose panel. There we will run an actual diagnosis of your store and show the potential reasons why the bar is not showing. 

The cookie consent bar is not showing
Run diagnose

Here is a list of the problems that you may be facing:

  •  The cookie bar is not enabled - just click on the Enable button below the message to activate the bar.  
  •  The quota limit has been reached - if you see this message you will need to upgrade your plan if you want to continue showing the cookie bar, as once the quota is reached the bar will no longer show on your store Simply navigate to the Upgrade Plan section and choose the next available plan.  
  • The location setting does not fit your location - in this case, you should go to the Global Settings tab and select the Admin Mode option under the Show Cookie Consent Bar field and open your store in Preview Mode. This way you will be able to see and test the bar even if you are not from a GDPR/CCPA region.
Possible problems

After you have addressed all of the suggestions you can run another diagnose and the result should look like that:

After applying the suggested solutions

If the bar is still not visible after that, you can hit the Begin Chat button, so you could get help from our support agents. The diagnose result will be automatically sent to them, so you won't need to explain all of the steps you already went through. Pretty neat, ha?

2. I don't know how to translate the app - selecting this option will give you the following result:

  •  Suggested answers in which you can find a solution.   
  •  Start a Live Chat in case you can not resolve the issue by yourself. Keep in mind that in order to start a live chat your message should be at least 20 characters long. Make sure to describe your problem in detail and to include as much information as possible.  
App translation issues
Suggested solutions for translation

3. The marketing and/or analytics cookies are not blocked - here we suggest checking the possible solution in the Suggested Answers section first and afterward to begin a Live Chat if you can not resolve the problem.

Cookie blocking
Possible solutions for cookie blocking

4. The Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel are not blocked. Our detailed Suggested Answers section can be of great help if you are facing problems with further blocking of  Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel. Check them first to make sure that you have been following all the steps correctly. If you don’t find an answer to your question then you can start a Live Chat by sending us a detailed description of your problem.

GA and FB pixel issues
Suggested answers for GA and FB pixel issues

5. Can I change the Privacy Policy link in the Preferences Popup? - That is one of the most frequently asked questions. We have added a very detailed explanation of the purpose of this link there and why it is added this way. The FAQ will address your concern. Of course, if you still have questions after that, we will be available via chat again.

Privacy Policy link in the Preferences Popup
Possible solution for the PP link issue

6. Others. If you are facing a different kind of problem and you can not find a solution in the sections mentioned above, feel free to choose the last option here. Send us a detailed explanation of the case and we will assist as soon as possible.

Other problems that may appear
Describe your problem section

In the FAQ option, we have gathered all the questions that our users are asking on a daily basis. For your convenience, we have highlighted the most popular ones with a yellow tag and divided them into three sections: General, Cookie Consent Bar, and Translation. 

  •  In the General section, we have classified the questions about the initial setting of the app.  
  •  The Cookie Consent Bar section consists of all the cookie-related questions.  
  •  The Translation section includes questions and steps you should follow if you want to translate the app.  
FAQ section

General section

General FAQ section

Cookie Consent Bar section

Cookie Consent bar FAQ section

Translation section

Translation section

You can also start typing keywords in the search field, i.e ''compliance page'' this will give a result of all questions related to this topic.

Using the search field

The method is the same for all types of searching. Below you can find a few examples.

Metafields search

Metafield search

Cookie blocking search

Cookie blocking search

Translation search

Translation search

Privacy Policy search

Privacy Policy search

You can navigate to the Help Center by clicking on the Chat widget as well. That way you will be able to check all available resources, run diagnostics and read through FAQs before starting a chat with an agent.

How the chat widget looks like

If you have any specific questions, please check our FAQ page or reach out to us via chat or email

Stay tuned for our future updates and releases and in the meantime, download our Consentmo app if you haven't already. 

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