The new Reset Customer Consent feature update

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Dilyana Simeonova
June 15, 2023
The new Reset Customer Consent feature update

Enhancing Control: Introducing Consentmo's Reset Customer Consent Feature

Hey folks! 👋

Our Consentmo app's "Reset Customer Consent" button has been a big hit with our premium users. We love when you love a feature, so we got to thinking: how can we make this even better for our awesome Shopify store owners? So, we've gone back to the drawing board and added a few new tricks to make this tool even more useful for you. Let's dive into the upgrades, shall we?

Resetting customer consent before the update

Before we made these upgrades, the Reset Customer Consent button was like a handy "do-over" button. Say, for example, you made some changes to your Privacy Policy. Hitting this reset button would pop the Cookie Bar back up for your visitors so they could agree to your shiny new terms.

This worked like a charm for a lot of you folks, so we thought - why not give it some extra oomph? So, here's what we've done to supercharge this button for you.

What the Reset Customer Consent button looked like before

What the Reset Customer Consent button looked like before
Resetting customer consent after the update

The old Reset button was a bit of an all-or-nothing deal: it would pop the Cookie Bar up for all your visitors, whether they'd accepted all your cookies or just some. But now, we've added a new feature, called "Reset Partial Consent." This lets you pick and choose who sees the Cookie Bar again, like those who haven't agreed to all your cookie categories.

Think about it like a friendly nudge before a big marketing campaign. You want to make sure your analytics are in tip-top shape, right? So, this feature is like a helpful little sidekick, making sure you've got as many thumbs-ups as possible.

Do note, there's a tiny catch - you can only use this reset once a day for each cookie category.

The Reset Partial Consent button

The Reset Partial Consent button in Consentmo

But wait, there's more! We've also cooked up a brand new feature, the "Schedule Reset." This lets you plan a reset for a specific date. Just pick a day from the calendar, choose the cookie group you want to reset, hit the "Schedule Reset" button and voila! This'll nudge all visitors who previously said "no thanks" to that cookie group.

The Schedule Reset button

The Schedule Reset button in Consentmo

That's the whole scoop on our new and improved "Reset Customer Consent" features. We've made these changes based on your awesome feedback and we're hoping they'll make running your store just that little bit easier.

Remember, the Consentmo app is ready and waiting for you in the Shopify app store, ready to make your life easier. And if you've got any more bright ideas for how we can improve, drop us a line or ping us a message in the chat. We're all ears!

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