New and improved accessibility of the Consentmo app

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Dilyana Simeonova
January 19, 2023
New and improved accessibility of the Consentmo app

Accessibility Upgrade: Experience the Enhanced Consentmo App

Website accessibility has been a hot topic for years now. While it is essential to make the design of your stores trendy, it is also crucial to consider the people unable to use it because of disabilities or age. We have made many improvements to the Consentmo app to promote better access for people with disabilities relating to deafness, blindness, and old age. At the begging of 2023, we made more updates regarding our app's inclusivity. 

What we have now

We have always been conscious of insuring people with disabilities have an easygoing user experience in online stores using our app. Even before this update, we made an effort to follow the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) as much as we can, with the Default layout Cookie bar being completely accessible. Now we are so excited to introduce our Accessibility update 2.0.

What's new with this update

As many of you know, last year we introduced our two brand new Cookie bar and Preferences popup layouts - Classic and Modern. With the new layouts, we also made sure to give them the functionality the Default Cookie bar also had. So, an update to our app was needed for all of those using keyboard navigations and/or a screen reader

With the new accessibility update, the new features we have are the following:

1. Keyboard navigation - A seamless navigation of the Cookie bar and Preference popup for the different layouts (Default, Classic, and Modern). Now when using the keyboard navigation, the different switches, buttons, and texts are sequentially selected, and submitting consent preferences has never been easier.

This is how the accessibility shows on the Cookie bar and Preferences popup when pressing the "Tab" button on the keyboard.

Accessibility in the Cookie bar and Preferences popup

2. Compliance page accessibility - Another big change we are introducing is also having the Compliance pages completely accessible! Just as the navigation of the new layouts, the Compliance pages also have clear and user-friendly navigation. 

This is how the accessibility shows on the Compliance pages when pressing the "Tab" button on the keyboard.

Accessibility in the compliance pages

3. Screen reader update - If the Cookie bar text and buttons are translated into multiple languages, now the screen reader will read them translated in the selected language! The links are also audible, as the screen reader will inform that a new tab will be opened upon interaction.

Pushing the audio button

So these are the improvements we made to the accessibility of the Consentmo app. If you have any suggestions, don't forget to inform us, as we are always working to ensure effortless navigation throughout the Cookie bar and the app overall.

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