New Quick Setup Updates in the Consentmo app

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Dilyana Simeonova
February 3, 2023
New Quick Setup Updates in the Consentmo app

Streamlined Setup: Discover the Latest Quick Setup Updates in Consentmo

As companies expand their operations globally, it becomes imperative to comply with privacy laws that are in effect in different regions. In this context, Consentmo has just brought out the feature that makes it possible for customers to choose multiple compliance regions at once from the start in the Quick Setup. Let's dive onto more details below.

Right after installing the app, users are forwarded to the Quick Setup. This is the initial setup where with 3 easy steps you can configure the app and prepare your Cookie bar and Preferences popup to be up and running on your store. With the new update, merchants can now select any combination of GDPR, CCPA, APPI, and PIPEDA regions, and the app will guide them through the necessary steps to ensure compliance with each selected region's privacy law. This update was designed to make it easier and faster for businesses to become compliant with multiple privacy laws.

This is the Quick Setup before the update - you were only able to select one region only or all regions together

The Quick setup before update

This is the Quick Setup after the update - now you can select any combination of GDPR, CCPA, APPI, and PIPEDA regions

The Quick setup after update

In addition to the new Region Settings selection update, users that have selected a paid plan will now have access to the Enable Globally button which will show the Cookie bar and Preferences popup to all countries.

The Enable Globally button is a significant advantage for businesses that operate in multiple regions, as it eliminates the need to go through the setup process for each region separately. The Enable Globally button is a premium feature that is also visible even if you have selected the Free plan before the Quick Setup. So, from the Region Settings, you can go back to the plans page and choose a paid plan to gain access to this option. This can easily happen from the Go to Plans link, visible in the previous gif.

The Enable Globally button in the Quick Setup

The Enable Globally button in the Quick Setup

Additionally, we have made some design updates to the Quick Setup to make the initial configuration easier. Now after completing the 3 steps of the setup, the progress banner at the top will turn green. It will show that you have completed the steps and give the option to finish the setup with a click of a button.

The new look of the Quick Setup

The new look of the Quick Setup

So these are the improvements we made to the Quick Setup of the Consentmo app. If you have any suggestions, don't forget to inform us, as we are always working to insure effortless navigation throughout the app and a better user experience overall.

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