Introducing the New feature - Bulk Import and Export of Cookies in the Consentmo app

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Dilyana Simeonova
September 28, 2023
Introducing the New feature - Bulk Import and Export of Cookies in the Consentmo app

Consentmo's Latest Feature: Streamlined Cookie Management with bulk Import and Export!

Hey there, Consentmo fam! We're thrilled to announce our newest feature tailored especially for our Plus and Enterprise users. Say hello to an efficient and streamlined approach to manage your cookies – Import and Export cookies via CSV. This feature can be conveniently found in the Cookie Bar tab under the Cookie Management section. Let's delve into the details!

The Import and Export cookies feature

The import and export cookie feature from Consentmo
📤 Import Cookies with Ease

If you've been hoping for a way to bulk add cookies to the app, your wishes have just been granted! Here's how it works:

  • Bulk Uploading: Use the new drop field to add multiple cookies simultaneously to the cookie categories using a CSV file.
  • Overwrite Safeguard: Be cautious, if you're importing cookies that already exist in your categories, the imported data will overwrite the existing ones.
📁Downloadable Example File

A tad unsure about the formatting? We've got you covered! Download our example CSV file as a template. Ensure your entries follow this format:

[category] , [name] , [description] , [provider] , [duration]

How to import cookies:

The Import of cookies in Consentmo

Note: The cookie category is crucial. Ensure it's either Strictly Required, Analytics, Marketing, or Functional. An invalid or missing category means the cookie won't be added. Also, keep an eye on the file size; it should remain below 50KB.

📥 Export Cookies with a Click

Whether for backup or for other administrative purposes, easily export all your cookies from all categories in a handy CSV file.

How to export cookies:

How to export cookies in Consentmo

Managing cookies has never been this straightforward. At Consentmo, we're continuously striving to enhance your user experience and make your compliance processes more intuitive. This is just one of the many updates in our pipeline, so stay tuned for more!

As always, should you need any assistance or have suggestions, our dedicated support team is here for you. Happy cookie managing, and cheers to a more organized web experience!

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