Consentmo General Tab UX/UI Update: Your Key to Simplified Compliance

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Dilyana Simeonova
July 3, 2024
Consentmo General Tab UX/UI Update: Your Key to Simplified Compliance

Introducing Consentmo’s Latest UX/UI Update on the General Tab

At Consentmo, we are continuously improving our app to provide the best user experience for Shopify merchants. Following the recent updates to our Quick Setup, Dashboard, Cookie Bar, Translation, and Design tabs, we are excited to announce the latest UX/UI update on the General tab. This update brings a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier for merchants to manage their compliance settings effectively.

What are the General Settings for Consentmo

General settings are key for configuring your consent management system correctly and meeting all compliance requirements. A well-organized General tab simplifies the process of managing various compliance aspects, making it easier for merchants to stay compliant with global data protection laws.

The Features of the Updated General Tab

Choose the Region for Your Cookie Bar Section

One of the first steps in setting up your consent management system is to select the region where your Cookie Bar will be displayed. This section allows you to choose specific regions, making sure that your store complies with the relevant data protection regulations. The interactive map helps you quickly identify and select the regions where your store operates. Previously it was just a list, but now it makes enabling your needed region so much easier.

Notifications Section

Stay informed with the new Notifications section. Here, you can add custom email addresses to receive quota and general app notifications. Additionally, you can enable email notifications for Data deletion, Account edit requests and "Do not sell" requests, keeping you always up-to-date with any changes or requests from your customers.

Compliance Pages Section

Easily manage and view your compliance pages with the new Compliance Pages section. This section generates pages for global regulations such as GDPR, APPI, PIPEDA, and US Laws. With a single click, you can view and manage these pages, making sure that your store is compliant with all necessary data protection laws. If you have accidently deleted any page, the View button also acts as a checker for the page's existence and will change it's status accordingly.

Reset Customer Consent Preferences Section

For our premium users, the Reset Customer Consent Preferences section allows you to reset the cookie bar for all store visitors or only for those who have previously rejected specific cookie categories. This feature is especially useful when your store’s Privacy Policy changes or before launching a marketing campaign. The automatic reset and scheduled reset options provide flexibility in managing consent preferences.

  • Automatic Reset: Choose to apply a reset to all visitors or target specific customer groups based on their cookie preferences. This option automatically resets consent once a day for each selected cookie category, ensuring ongoing compliance.
  • Schedule Reset: Schedule a reset on a specific date by selecting a day from the calendar and choosing the relevant cookie category. You can opt for a full reset for all customers or a partial reset for those who previously rejected a specific cookie category. Simply hit the Schedule Reset button to finalize. The date for the Scheduled reset will be visible below.

The new UX/UI update on the General tab is designed to make compliance management more straightforward and efficient for Shopify merchants. These enhancements allow you to easily configure and manage your store's compliance settings, keeping your business aligned with global data protection laws.

Explore these new features by downloading Consentmo from the Shopify App Store. Stay compliant, and improve your store’s user experience with Consentmo.

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