How to Use the Consentmo CMP from GTM Community Gallery for your Store's Compliance

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Dilyana Simeonova
June 4, 2024
How to Use the Consentmo CMP from GTM Community Gallery for your Store's Compliance

Consentmo Joins the Google Tag Manager Community Template Gallery

👋 Introduction to the Community Template Gallery

Google Tag Manager (GTM) offers a dynamic solution for website tag management, which helps marketers and developers implement and update website tags including analytics, remarketing, and more, without needing to modify the code. An integral part of GTM is the Community Template Gallery, where users can access a variety of custom templates developed by the community. These templates simplify the process of configuring tags that are not supported by default in GTM.

🎨 Consentmo in the Community Template Gallery

We are thrilled to announce that Consentmo has been added to the Community Template Gallery! This inclusion signifies our commitment to providing tools that not only enhance user privacy but also clarify the compliance processes for Shopify merchants. You can now find the Consentmo GDPR Consent Management Platform (CMP) template directly in the gallery, making it easier than ever to integrate strong data privacy practices into your Shopify store.

Click here to view Consentmo in the Community Template Gallery

⚙️ How to Set the Google Tag Manager Template for Consentmo GDPR CMP

Setting up the Consentmo GDPR CMP in your Google Tag Manager is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

Enable Consent Overview:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab in your GTM dashboard.
  2. Click Container Settings.
  3. Under the Additional settings, find and tick the ‘Enable consent overview’ checkbox.
  4. Click the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen.

➕ Adding Consentmo GDPR CMP from Community Template Gallery:

  1. Go to the Workspace tab and click Tags, then click ‘New’.
  2. In the Tag Configuration box, click ‘Choose a tag type to begin setup…’
  3. Click Discover more tag types in the Community Template Gallery.
  4. Use the search icon and type ‘Consentmo’.
  5. Click the ‘Choose Template’ button.
  6. In the Triggering box, click ‘Choose a trigger to make this tag fire…’
  7. Select Consent Initialization - All Pages.
  8. Rename the tag from ‘Untitled Tag’ to ‘Consentmo’.
  9. Save the changes.

For detailed instructions on fully setting up the Consentmo GDPR CMP settings, read our comprehensive guide here.

🔷 Conclusion

Integrating Consentmo via Google Tag Manager not only smoothens your compliance, but also guarantees that your Shopify store operates within legal boundaries with no hastle. With Consentmo, safeguard your customers' data privacy and strengthen their trust in your store.

Explore more about how Consentmo can transform your store's compliance by visiting our listing page on Shopify.

Stay compliant, stay competitive!

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