Introducing Consentmo's new website - the home for compliance and data protection

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Dilyana Simeonova
June 29, 2023
Introducing Consentmo's new website - the home for compliance and data protection

Welcome to the New Consentmo Website: Your Hub for Compliance and Data Protection

With the launch of the Consentmo brand we are so excited to show our new home - our new website! With an intuitive website and an array of powerful features, Consentmo is poised to become a game-changer in the world of data protection.

The new website

So we've transformed into Consentmo! Along with our fresh new look, we have a super user-friendly website that we're so eager for you to explore. We're talking easy navigation, key info at your fingertips, and a neat design that we're really proud of.

You'll spot two main themes as you browse around. First, our favorite dessert and data symbol – the cookie. It stands for responsible data handling and our commitment to transparency. Second, the switcher, because who doesn't love being in control, especially when it comes to data?

The Consentmo pages

Let's take a quick tour:

Welcome to the Consentmo home page! Here, you'll find a concise introduction to the app, highlighting its key features. Additionally, we've included a video that provides a clear demonstration of how Consentmo can benefit your business and other fun things to look through.

Delve deeper into the functionalities and tools offered by Consentmo on the Features page. Discover in-depth information about the app's most valuable features and how they can assist you in achieving compliance and data protection.

Compare our flexible monthly and annual plans and their respective prices on the Pricing page. This is where you'll find a comprehensive Features table, enabling you to easily identify which tools are available for each plan. Make an informed decision that best aligns with the needs of your store.

  • Compliance pages

Our Compliance pages are designed to provide you with detailed information about various laws that Consentmo app assists with. Gain clarity on the laws you need to be compliant with and learn how Consentmo can help you achieve compliance. We have separate pages dedicated to GDPR, CCPA-CPRA, VCDPA, LGPD, APPI and PIPEDA, allowing you to thoroughly understand the requirements of each regulation.

  • Resources pages

Explore our Resources page, which houses our Blog section - the page you're currently on. Here, you can access insightful articles, industry updates, and best practices related to data protection and compliance. Additionally, our Knowledge Base offers step-by-step instructions and helpful tips for effectively managing the Consentmo app. Need to reach out? Visit the Contact page to quickly send us a message.

Get to know the incredible team that drives Consentmo on the About Us page. Our mission is to provide compliance solutions that not only ensure data protection but also help merchants achieve their business goals. Discover the passionate individuals behind the app's development and learn about our history in prioritizing the protection of our users' stores.

Navigate to the Scanner page to scan your store and obtain information about all the cookies present when a customer visits. Stay informed about the cookies being used and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.


By offering a user-friendly website, comprehensive features, pricing transparency, compliance resources, and valuable insights, Consentmo is dedicated to empowering merchants with the tools and knowledge necessary to protect their customers' data effectively.

Don't forget to download the Consentmo app from the Shopify app store! Got questions or ideas? Don't hesitate to reach out - we're all ears!

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