Transform Your Shopify Store's Look with Consentmo’s Design Tab Update

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Dilyana Simeonova
June 25, 2024
Transform Your Shopify Store's Look with Consentmo’s Design Tab Update

Announcing Consentmo’s New UX/UI Update on the Design Tab

At Consentmo, we are committed to continually improving our app to provide the best user experience for Shopify merchants. Our latest update focuses on the Design tab, following the recent enhancements to the Quick Setup, Dashboard, Cookie Bar tab, and Translation tab. This new update integrates a fresh UX/UI design inspired by Shopify Polaris, offering a modern, user-friendly interface that simplifies consent management.

The Importance of Cookie Bar and Preference Popup Design in Consent Apps

The design of your Cookie Bar is vital for maintaining transparency and trust with your customers while staying true to your brand. A fitting and aesthetically pleasing Cookie Bar can significantly improve user interaction and consent rates. With our latest UX/UI updates, customizing your Cookie Bar and Preference Popup to match your brand's look and feel has never been easier, making it a valuable tool for compliance as well as user engagement.

Detailed Overview of the Design Tab

Bar Layout Section

The Bar Layout section allows you to position and design your Cookie Bar on your website. You can choose from various placements to make sure it complements your site’s branding while remaining easily accessible to users. And in the design aspect, you can set the Opacity, Font Family and Size, Close button options and color scheme. All of the different settings can be viewed in our "Design and Position Preview".

Bar Styles Section

In the Bar Styles section, you have the option to select from different styles - Default, Classic and Modern, to match your brand’s aesthetics. Additionally, you can choose to set the Color scheme to one of our new suggestions and for our premium users, the Match theme feature is there to automatically match your Cookie Bar with your brand colors.

Email Template Settings

The Email Templates show the emails your clients receive when they request a change in their stored data from the Compliance pages. This Email Template Settings premium feature lets you personalize those emails. You can customize the email header and footer with HTML code, select colors, and add your custom email sender details, guaranteeing your communications with your clients are consistent with your brand identity.

Request Page Settings Section

After your client gets the email mentioned above that enables them to edit their account information, they will have access to the Compliance Request Pages. The Request Page Settings section, available as a premium feature, allows you to customize the appearance of your Compliance Request Pages. You can adjust colors, add your store logo, and apply custom CSS to align with your branding. And again, everything is visible from our "Request Page Preview".


We believe these updates will significantly improve the user experience for Shopify merchants, making it easier to manage and customize consent elements on their sites. Explore the new features by updating to the latest version of Consentmo and see how these enhancements can benefit your store.

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