Introducing Consentmo’s Updated Dashboard: Enhanced UX/UI for Better Compliance

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Dilyana Simeonova
June 13, 2024
Introducing Consentmo’s Updated Dashboard: Enhanced UX/UI for Better Compliance

It’s here - Consentmo’s New and Improved Dashboard

At Consentmo, we're committed to constantly improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of Shopify merchants. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest update: a comprehensive UX/UI overhaul of the Consentmo Dashboard. This update not only refreshes the look and feel but also builds up the functionality, providing both free and premium users with critical consent data at their fingertips.

Why Enhanced Dashboard UX/UI Matters

A user-friendly interface is key for efficiently managing consent data. The updated dashboard offers an intuitive design that simplifies navigation and makes it easier for merchants to access important data. This means less time figuring out where things are and more time focusing on running your business.

The Power of Consent Data for Shopify Merchants

Understanding how users interact with consent requests is vital for compliance and optimizing customer experience. With the new dashboard, Shopify merchants can quickly see consent interactions, rates, and more, allowing for informed decisions about privacy practices and user engagement.

Features Available for Free and Standard Users

For our Free and Standard plan users, the updated dashboard provides important data such as:

  • Consent Bar Interactions: Track how many users interact with your consent bar. Knowing this helps you gauge user engagement and the effectiveness of your consent requests, verifying you are meeting compliance requirements and building trust with your visitors.
  • Quota Limits: Monitor your usage to stay within the free plan limits. This feature helps you manage your data collection and storage effectively, making sure you do not exceed the limits and can plan for future upgrades if needed.
  • Consent Bar Activity Chart: Visualize daily interactions to understand user behavior patterns. This insight helps you optimize the timing and presentation of your consent requests to maximize user acceptance rates and improve overall site experience.
Features Available for Plus Users

Plus users gain access to all of the metrics above with the addition of:

  • DSAR Distribution: Detailed breakdowns of data subject access requests and most accepted user actions, aiding in compliance and optimization strategies. This feature helps you track and manage user requests efficiently, securing timely responses and maintaining regulatory compliance.
Features Available for Enterprise Users

We decided that our Enterprise users would take advantage of some more advanced metrics that will provide them with more insights on the user’s behavior. This can be used for more data-driven decisions when it comes to the overall success of the store.

  • Consent Rate: See the percentage of visitors who accept or reject cookies. Understanding this rate helps you assess the effectiveness of your consent mechanisms and make necessary adjustments to improve user compliance and satisfaction. Consent rate is calculated as (Opt-ins) / (Opt-ins + Opt-outs).
  • Traffic Opt-in Rate: Understand the proportion of users who opt into various types of data collection. This metric helps you fine-tune your data collection strategies and guarantee that you are gathering the necessary information while respecting user preferences. Traffic Opt-in Rate = Opt-ins / Page views.
  • User Acceptance Analytics: Track which pages have the most user acceptance conversions. Knowing where users are most likely to give consent allows you to optimize those pages further and replicate successful strategies across your site.
  • Top Locations: Identify where your users are located. This geographic data helps you tailor your marketing and compliance efforts to specific regions, establishing you meet local regulations and understand regional user behavior.
  • Device Distribution: Understand the types of devices your visitors are using, categorized into mobile, tablet, and desktop. This information helps you optimize your site's design and functionality for the most commonly used devices, improving user experience and engagement.
Quick Links for Swift Navigation

Both free and premium users benefit from quick links that facilitate instant access to commonly used settings and features in the app. We’ve carefully selected these links based on current demand, ensuring that the most sought-after tools are always at your fingertips. These quick links will dynamically update according to user needs, keeping your workflow smooth and efficient. Here's a brief overview of each quick link:

  • Show Cookie Bar: Choose between Enabled, Disabled, or Admin Mode if you are still setting up your store. This helps you manage the visibility of your Cookie Bar depending on your current needs and validates compliance with privacy laws.
  • Cookie Bar Content & Checkout Block: Add custom text and configure the behavior of your Cookie Bar, including adding one to the checkout.
  • Cookie Scanner: On-demand and automatic scanning of your store plus cookie arrangement with AI. This feature helps you keep track of all the cookies present on your store and manage them effectively.
  • Setup GCM v2: Manual and automated setup of GCM V2 for your store. This link provides an easy way to configure Google Consent Mode V2, making sure that your store is compliant with the latest privacy standards.


The dashboard update in the Consentmo app is more than just a visual upgrade - it's about making compliance manageable and accessible. Whether you’re just starting out or scaling up, our app adapts to your needs, helping you maintain compliance with ease.

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