Consentmo's New Quick Setup: Elevating UX/UI for Easier User Navigation

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Dilyana Simeonova
April 23, 2024
Consentmo's New Quick Setup: Elevating UX/UI for Easier User Navigation

Consentmo's Quick Setup Simplifies Your Store's Cookie Bar Configuration

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where efficiency is king, Consentmo is excited to unveil a new update to our Quick Setup process, meticulously crafted to get your Shopify store compliant and customer-friendly faster than ever.

The Consentmo Quick Setup is an intuitive process designed to configure the essential components of your store's Cookie bar and Preferences popup in just a few clicks. We've unraveled the complexity of data privacy into three user-friendly steps, enabling merchants to swiftly align their stores with international cookie laws and regulations without the headache.

Step 1: Select Your Region

Compliance starts with understanding your audience. In the first step, you'll select the region where your store operates, making sure your Cookie bar meets the area's specific data protection standards. Whether it's GDPR, LGPD, APPI, PIPEDA, or one of the multiple US Laws such as CCPA-CPRA, VCDPA, CPA, CTDPA and UCPA, Consentmo has you covered. For our premium users, we offer the added flexibility of a global setting, broadening your compliance horizon.

Step 2: Design Your Cookie Banner:

Aesthetic harmony between your store and its cookie banner is vital for an immersive user experience. Step two invites you to combine your store’s unique style with the cookie banner. With Consentmo's latest design update, choose from the three design styles, six new fresh color schemes and see the Cookie bar in a desktop and mobile view. Premium users can rejoice with the Match Style feature, where Consentmo automatically synchronizes your current theme settings to your Cookie bar and Preferences popup, guaranteeing a seamless brand experience.

Step 3: Configure Initial Cookie Settings:

Balancing functionality and privacy can be tough, but not with Consentmo's redesigned interface. Step three guides you through setting your initial cookie preferences, in other words, what cookies are activated or blocked by default when a customer visits your store. Our revamped design clarifies this critical step, making it more intuitive than ever!

Translation Feature of Quick Setup:

Recognizing the global reach of Shopify merchants, Consentmo's Quick Setup breaks language barriers. You can switch from English to French, German, Italian, and Spanish, making the setup process comfortable and accessible for a diverse user base.

Outro - A Design Evolution:

Upgrading the UX and UI of Consentmo's Quick Setup was not just an aesthetic choice but a strategic move to empower merchants. In a landscape where time is currency and ease of use is non-negotiable, we knew a redesign could significantly impact our users' efficiency and satisfaction. By enhancing the visual appeal and simplifying the configuration process, we've made sure that your first steps with Consentmo are as smooth as the compliance journey we promise. Welcome to a world where compliance is not only achievable - it's quick, easy, and aligned with your business's growth.

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