Five possible reasons why the Cookie Bar is not visible on your Shopify store

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Alexandrina Filipova
January 13, 2022
Five possible reasons why the Cookie Bar is not visible on your Shopify store

Troubleshooting Your Shopify Store: Why Your Cookie Bar Might Not Be Visible

One of the most frequently asked questions in our support is: "Why the Cookie Consent Bar is not showing on my store?"
As we are answering this question almost every day, we decided to create a dedicated blog post and provide you with a detailed explanation of the few possible reasons that may cause you this inconvenience. Let's not waste any more time and get straight to the point:

1. The app is not enabled

As a first step, we would recommend checking whether you have enabled the Consentmo app. Follow these steps in order to make sure that the app is active on your store:

  1. Navigate to the app's main settings in Global Settings
  3. Make sure that the option Show Cookie Consent Bar is set to Enabled.
global settings
2. The location from where you are testing

If you are on a Free plan, you can enable the app for the following locations: EU/EEA countries + Brazil (GDPR) , and the state of California (CCPA). These are the countries where the GDPR/CCPA laws apply. If your location is different from those mentioned above, you will not be able to see the Cookie Bar. However, the bar will be visible to your customers from the locations listed above, based on the configuration of the setting Enable For Specific Regions. In this case, if you want to test how the bar looks like you can do one of the following:

  • Test with a VPN service with an EU, Brazil, or California IP. By using a trustworthy VPN, you can change your location on your phone or computer device. That way, you would be able to see how the Cookie Bar looks for your customers in California. Here are examples of free VPN services that you can use: Best free VPN 2022
  • Enable the app's Admin Mode:

                1. Navigate to Global Settings
                2. Go to Show Cookie Consent Bar option and select Admin Mode

open in preview mode

This setting will disregard the Enable For Specific Regions selection and will show the Cookie Consent Bar for you as a Shopify store admin. Note that you need to test it on the same browser where you are connected as an admin in your Shopify store. 

How the Enable For Specific Regions option looks like

Enable For Specific Regions option

Note: If you would like to display the app in all of the countries you can do so by activating the setting Enable for All Countries (available only for the Premium plans). 

3. You have exceeded the quota limit for your plan

GDPR/CCPA app plans are working based on the number of page visits your store generates per month. If you exceed the limit of the page visits for your plan, the app will stop working, and the Cookie Consent Bar will be no longer visible. Once this happens, you will get a notification in the app settings with an upgrade option. At the same time, you will receive multiple email notifications in regard to this. If you decide to upgrade, the issue will be solved.

Notification in admin

Notification in admin

Email notification

Email notification

You are able to track your current quota in the Quota Limit section located in the Global Settings. The information is updated every 6 hours, and it is reset each month based on the date that you have installed the app. I.e. if you have installed the app on 11th of January, the quota will reset for you on 11th of February. You can also see how many days are left until the next quota reset.

Quota Limit section

Quota Limit section
4. You have already opted-in/opted-out of the Cookie Consent Bar

The Cookie Bar is shown once per browser session. If you have seen the Cookie Consent Bar once and clicked any of the buttons (Accept/Close), then the bar will not show again in the same browser session for you. If you would like to test, you can simply clear your browser cookies or open a new incognito/private window on your browser and access your store from there. 

5. You have installed two cookie apps on your store

Make sure you have only one GDPR app installed on your store. Otherwise, the apps will interfere with each other's features and will not work correctly. We recommend disabling/uninstalling all other cookie apps you currently have on your store in case you are not using them, so the app/s you want to use could work as they should. Make this a rule of thumb, and regularly check your store for apps that do the same thing and run together.


In the end, we can say that these are the most common reasons why the Cookie Bar may not be visible on your store.

If none of the above fixes your case, please feel free to contact our support team, by opening a live chat or send an email.

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