Introducing Consentmo’s New Multilingual Admin Feature

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Dilyana Simeonova
December 5, 2023
 Introducing Consentmo’s New Multilingual Admin Feature

Say Hello to Consentmo's Multilingual Admin Feature

Greetings to our global Consentmo community! We have some exciting news to share with you! Understanding the importance of ease and accessibility, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new multilingual admin feature. 🌐

Multilingual Admin at Your Fingertips

Compliance is complex enough, and navigating through an admin panel shouldn't add to that complexity. That’s why we’ve now made it possible for you to operate Consentmo’s admin in French, German, Italian, and Spanish, along with English.

From the moment you install Consentmo, the Quick Setup greets you with the option to choose your preferred language from a handy drop-down menu.

The Quick Setup showing the language widget

The Quick Setup showing the language widget

And don’t worry - if you need to switch languages down the line, you can easily do so at any time, from any tab, thanks to the ever-present widget in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Changing the admin language in the Consentmo app

Changing the admin language in the Consentmo app
Empowering Our Worldwide Users

At Consentmo, we're dedicated to creating a seamless experience for all our users, regardless of where they are or what language they speak. We believe that by offering an admin panel in multiple languages, we can help you manage compliance more intuitively - in the language that you’re most comfortable with.

By reducing linguistic hurdles, we aim to empower you to utilize Consentmo’s features to their fullest potential, ensuring that compliance becomes a clear and manageable part of your business operations.

An Ongoing Commitment to Accessibility

This feature is part of our ongoing effort to make Consentmo as user-friendly and inclusive as possible. We understand that compliance isn’t just a regulatory requirement; it’s a crucial aspect of building trust with your customers. And now, with the ability to navigate Consentmo in your native language, we hope to make this aspect of your business smoother and more approachable.

Stay tuned for more enhancements, as we continue to refine our services to meet the diverse needs of our users. 🍪

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