Boost Your Shopify Store Compliance with Consentmo's New Translation Tab UX/UI Update

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Dilyana Simeonova
June 18, 2024
Boost Your Shopify Store Compliance with Consentmo's New Translation Tab UX/UI Update

Consentmo's New UX/UI Update on the Translation Tab

At Consentmo, we are dedicated to providing the best user experience for Shopify merchants. Our latest UX/UI update focuses on the Translation tab, continuing our series of improvements following updates to the Quick Setup, Dashboard, and Cookie Bar tab. These enhancements are designed to make the app more intuitive and user-friendly, making your compliance management and translation process easier.

The Importance of Translations in Consent Apps

Translations are crucial in consent apps to make sure users worldwide can understand and manage their consent preferences. This update to the Translation tab is particularly important as it makes setting up and managing translations easier, helping Shopify merchants cater to a global audience.

Exploring the Translation Tab

Here's a detailed look at the features in the Translation tab with an updated view:

  • Default Language Setup: Easily set the default language for your Cookie Bar and Preferences popup. This feature allows your customers to see consent requests in their preferred language, improving their experience and trust in your store.
  • Translate Content with Google Translate: For our Plus and Enterprise users, this feature uses Google Translate to quickly translate all consent-related content into any supported language, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • Manual Translation: We provide comprehensive video tutorials to guide you through the manual translation process. This option allows for precise customization to meet your store's specific needs.
  • Integration with Translation Apps: Easy integration with popular translation apps to manage your translations more efficiently. This integration makes sure that all translated content is consistent and accurate across different platforms. For more information on third-party translation, see here.
  • Automatic Setup: Available for Plus and Enterprise users, this feature simplifies the integration with third-party apps even further by activating the metafields automatically.
  • Language for the Compliance Pages: Customize the language for your compliance pages to make sure that your legal information is clear and accessible to all users, regardless of their language preference.
  • Language for the Request Emails & Request Pages: Set the language for your request emails and pages to make sure that all communications with your customers are in their preferred language, improving their experience and making sure compliance with regulations.

We believe these updates will significantly improve your experience with Consentmo, making it easier to manage translations and comply with global privacy laws. To take advantage of these new features, download Consentmo in the Shopify App Store.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Consentmo community!

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