Elevate Your Cookie Bar's Appearance with our New Match Style feature

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Alexandrina Filipova
March 8, 2024
 Elevate Your Cookie Bar's Appearance with our New Match Style feature

Discover Consentmo's New Match Style Feature

Hey Shopify fellas! We're thrilled to unveil our latest premium feature on Consentmo - Match Style. This exclusive addition is designed to transform your cookie bar, easily integrating it with your website's branding. With Match Style, your cookie bar will meet compliance standards while captivating users with its aesthetic appeal, enriching the overall browsing experience on your site.

🎨 How Current Users Can Access the New Feature

The Match Style feature is now accessible to our current Enterprise plan users. However, all other merchants can still experiment with it in the Design section of the admin of the app. While they can see how their cookie bar would look in the preview section, they won't be able to save the results. Here's how:

  • Head to Consentmo app.
  • From navigation go to the Design tab and scroll down to the Match Style section.
  • By clicking the Match Style button, the cookie bar will automatically match your website's branding style.

Access the Match Style feature as a current user

If you're not satisfied with the style of the cookie bar, you have the option to customize it further. Simply follow these steps: 

  • Click on the quick link to visit the Brand Settings.
  • Choose the primary and secondary brand colors for your store and save the settings.
  • Go back to the Design tab and click the Match Style button again.

After clicking the Match Style button the cookie bar will automatically match the brand colors that you have just chosen.

Setting up the branding colors of the store and trying the Match Style feature once again

🆕 Accessing the Feature as a New User

New users will also have the opportunity to check how this new feature works during the initial setup process. After installing the app, the second step in the Quick Setup is customizing the appearance of the cookie bar. From there, you can directly see how it integrates with your brand's design, ensuring a cohesive look across your website.

Checking the Match Style feature as a new user


With the Match Style feature, compliance and style naturally come together. Maintain a consistent brand image while ensuring adherence to data privacy regulations. Whether you're a current user or just starting with Consentmo, our commitment remains the same: providing you with the tools you need for easy and seamless compliance. Access Match Style feature today and impress your customers with a stunning cookie bar!

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