UX/UI Updates in Consentmo: A Closer Look at the New Cookie Bar Settings

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Dilyana Simeonova
May 30, 2024
UX/UI Updates in Consentmo: A Closer Look at the New Cookie Bar Settings

A Fresh Look for Compliance with our "Cookie Bar Settings" Tab

Welcome to the latest update from Consentmo, where we've focused on enhancing user experience and interface through a key update of our Cookie bar functionality, now aptly renamed as the "Cookie Bar Settings" tab. This upgrade is part of our commitment to align with Shopify's Polaris design system, ensuring an easy and intuitive experience for all Shopify merchants.

Why Update the Cookie Bar Settings Tab?

The Cookie Bar Settings tab is central to how online visitors interact with your store - they see the Cookie bar right away. It's vital that this element not only complies with specific legal requirements but also matches the overall aesthetic and functional experience of your store. An updated UX/UI is crucial for making sure that these tools are easy to manage and visually cohesive, providing a better experience both for you as the merchant and for your customers. And to see just how much we have changed the design of the "Cookie Bar Settings" Tab, check out our previous blog post on this part of the app.

What's New in the "Cookie Bar Settings" Tab?

Bar Content Section

Customize the text of your Cookie Bar and Preference Popup, with real-time previews and options for premium users to edit the "Cookie Information" display text.

Cookie Bar Text

In these settings, edit the text that appears on your website’s Cookie Bar. You can change the main consent text, which should clearly communicate the use of cookies and their purpose. Additionally, adjust the texts for the Privacy Policy and Preferences buttons, validating clarity and accessibility. With the live preview feature, see your changes reflected immediately, helping you fine-tune the presentation before it goes live.

Preferences Modal Text

Here, manage the text displayed in the Preferences Popup, which allows visitors to customize their cookie preferences. You can set a custom title and detailed description for the popup, guiding users through their choices regarding cookie types, such as Strictly Required, Analytics, Marketing, and Functional Cookies. This section is crucial for guaranteeing that users feel informed and in control of their privacy settings, enhancing their trust in your site.

Cookie information

Previously located in the Management section, moving the Cookie Information settings to the Bar Content Section aligns more intuitively with its role in informing users about specific cookie usage. Here, you can activate the premium feature to display detailed cookie information directly on your site. Customize the headers for each cookie category, such as Strict, Analytics, Marketing, and Functional cookies, and provide detailed descriptions for transparency. This change strengthens the user experience by consolidating all cookie-related settings in one convenient location, making it easier for you to manage and for visitors to understand.

Bar Behavior Section

Configure initial visibility settings, interaction behaviors for the “Accept” and “Close/X” buttons, and special options like the “Do Not Sell Personal Data” for US users.

Cookie Bar Behavior

In the "Cookie Bar Behavior" window, you have comprehensive control over how the Cookie bar behaves on your site, to make sure it aligns with your visitors' preferences and legal requirements. You can set the initial state of the Cookie Bar for different types of cookies (Analytic, Marketing, and Functional) to either be active or blocked before user interaction. Additionally, this section allows you to configure the actions that occur when a user clicks the 'Close/X' icon on the Cookie Bar, providing options to keep or block different types of cookies accordingly. There's also an option to disable the Cookie Bar entirely within the theme editor, and for stores operating in the U.S., you can enable a "Do Not Sell Personal Data" option, which is significant for compliance with certain U.S. privacy laws.

Allow users to re-open the Cookie Bar from a widget

For a more dynamic and user-friendly approach, the "Allow users to re-open the Cookie Bar from a widget" section offers a premium feature that enhances user engagement and compliance transparency. This option allows you to add a constant widget on your store, positioned according to your preference (e.g., bottom left), and displayed in the format you choose (e.g., text or icon). The widget enables visitors to revisit and adjust their cookie preferences at any time during their browsing session, thereby supporting ongoing consent management.

Management Section

Manage cookie details extensively with options to add, modify, delete, and import/export cookies, plus integrate comprehensive cookie information into your store’s Privacy Policy.

Add, modify and delete cookies

This section of the Management tab allows you to fully control the cookies used by your website. You can add new cookies by specifying their names, duration, and the category they belong to - such as Strict, Analytics, Marketing, or Functional. For each cookie, you can also provide a description and the provider's details, which helps in maintaining transparency and compliance with privacy laws. Once cookies are added, you can modify their details or delete them as necessary to keep your cookie policy up-to-date and compliant with current regulations.

Import and Export cookies

To simplify the management of multiple cookies, the Import and Export feature allows you to handle bulk cookie data efficiently. You can import cookies using a CSV file, making it easy to update or add multiple cookie entries simultaneously. The format for the CSV file includes fields for category, name, description, provider, and duration. Similarly, you can export your current cookie list into a CSV file, which is helpful for record-keeping, audits, or to secure consistency across platforms or updates.

Cookie Information Table

The Cookie Information Table is a premium feature designed to enhance your site’s transparency regarding cookie usage. This feature supports detailed documentation of each cookie, including its purpose and provider, and is viewable in an easy-to-navigate table format. Pagination has been introduced to facilitate the viewing of multiple entries, making it simpler to manage and review extensive lists of cookies. This table not only helps in complying with privacy regulations by providing clear information but also aids in integrating these details into your store’s Privacy Policy page, thereby enhancing trust and clarity for users.

Scanner Section

Utilize the Cookie Scanner to detect all cookies on initial customer visits, with features for scheduling scans and automatic updating in the Scanner section.

Cookie Scanner (On demand)

The "Cookie Scanner (On Demand)" is a good tool for Shopify store owners who need to stay compliant with cookie regulations. This feature provides an immediate overview of all cookies present on your website as soon as a customer visits for the first time. By simply clicking "Scan for cookies," you can quickly identify all active cookies and make sure they are properly categorized and disclosed in your cookie policy. This immediate scanning capability allows you to maintain up-to-date compliance and react swiftly to any changes in cookie usage on your site.

Scheduled Scanner (Automatic)

The "Scheduled Scanner (Automatic)" feature boosts your compliance strategy by automating the scanning process. You can set the scanner to run at regular intervals and at specific times that suit your operational schedule. This automation confirms that any new cookies are promptly detected and categorized. If the scanner identifies cookies that cannot be automatically classified, it sends an email notification, allowing you to take necessary actions to remain compliant.

Moving Forward with Consentmo

This update is more than just a change of name or layout; it's about making compliance management as straightforward and integrated as possible. By boosting the functionality and accessibility of the Cookie Bar Settings, we verify that your store not only remains compliant but also offers a transparent and user-friendly experience to your customers.

Check out the new features and experience the elevated interface by visiting the Consentmo page on the Shopify app store. Let Consentmo help streamline your compliance in a more efficient and visually pleasing way.

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