Updates on the Setup Guide - See what's new!

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Dilyana Simeonova
August 18, 2022
Updates on the Setup Guide - See what's new!

Stay Up-to-Date: Exciting Updates on the Setup Guide

We have new updates once more and this time it's the Setup Guide (aka your first helper when you install the app). We not only made the design better, but we also added some new information we believe you should know as you initially set up your store's compliance.

Let me show you what I mean.

Improved Setup Guide page design

By opening the Step-By-Step Guide, you will immediately notice the new look of the page and the added summary on the left-hand side. With the new design, each point looks better, and the references to our FAQs stand out more. As for the new summary, we aim for an easier user experience and better navigation on the page.

Improved Setup Guide page design of the Consentmo app
New points in the Setup Guide

Here's what is new in the guide, compared to the previous version:

  •  Is the cookie bar visible on your storefront?

We noticed that there can sometimes be issues with the Cookie bar showing on your store, so we gathered the four most common reasons for that and gave explanations on how to fix it. In addition, we also have a blog post on the subject, that you can check here.

  •  How to position the Cookie bar in the middle of the screen?

There are two ways to do that - as a free or as a premium user. We explain how to do them both in this new point in the guide.

  •  How to block the content of the store before an interaction with the Cookie bar? 

This option is again divided into two - for free and premium users. Here you will find how to initially block the store's content in a few easy steps.

  •  How to translate the app?

We have been actively working on ways to make the translation of the CDPR/CCPA app as easy as possible into any language. In this point, we show all the ways you can do that - from the settings of our app or with an additional translation app. Мore information can also be found from our Translation playlist on YouTube.

Nevertheless, feel free to check out the full Setup Guide if you have not already. We have many helpful points available to all our users. 

New things to expect

We would also love to officially announce that we are preparing updated videos for each point of the Setup Guide! As you know, we make updates on the app very frequently, so an updated version of the videos is well deserved. In other words, brace yourselves for the Setup Guide version 2.0. In addition, we are very excited to make the new videos with a voice-over, which we believe will give the viewers a much more personalized experience.

To not miss a thing, don't forget to download the Consentmo app and follow us on our social media channels. If you have any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email, or simply check our FAQ page.

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