A look back on all the New Features and Updates of the Consentmo app in 2022

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Dilyana Simeonova
November 29, 2022
A look back on all the New Features and Updates of the Consentmo app in 2022

A Recap of Consentmo's 2022 New Features and Updates

Another year has passed! In 2022 we have made multiple updates and added features to our Consentmo app. Here, we want to have a look back at the biggest changes that have happened and talk more about them. So without further ado, let's go through the list in a thematic order by the app's tabs.

Updates in the Global Settings tab
  • Notify admin when Data Deletion/Edit requests are submitted

This is a new feature in the Global Settings that we have added -  anytime a request is submitted from the Compliance pages, an email will be sent out to the store owner.

Bellow that field is the Add Custom Email Address To Receive Data Deletion/Edit Request Notifications. There you can add a separate email to receive all of these requests so that your business email is not overflowed with them.

Add an separate email to receive data requests
  • Added PIPEDA compliance

As of this year, we are also covering the Canadian PIPEDA compliance law. You can now choose to enable the app for Canadian visitors as well. More about enabling the app for PIPEDA compliance, read here.

The Consentmo app ensures compliance with PIPEDA
  • Added APPI compliance

The other compliance law we are covering from this year is the Japanese APPI. If you are from Japan or are shipping to customers there, now you can use our app to feel safe doing so. You can read more about the APPI compliance here.

The Consentmo app ensures compliance with APPI
  • Compliance page detection in the Data Collection text, based on IP location

In this update of the app, we created a way to forward users to the correct compliance page by detecting their IP location. For example, if you have enabled the app for all available regions and you are using all pre-generated compliance pages for the different laws - when opening the store from Japan and navigating to the Preferences popup of the cookie bar you will see a link to the APPI Compliance page in the Data Collection text. Alternatively, if you open the store from a GDPR region - you will see the GDPR Compliance page link in the Data Collection text and so on. Here are some examples:

If you open the store from Europe

Where is the Data collection text

If you open the store from Japan

Data collection text an be modified
  • Generate PIPEDA page button

Since we added the PIPEDA compliance this year, we also added the premium feature to generate the PIPEDA Compliance page automatically. Here you can read all of the updates we have made around the PIPEDA compliance law.

Automatic generation of compliance pages
Updates in the Cookie Bar tab
  • New tab design

We have updated the design of the Cookie Bar tab. In order to keep all of the information categorized, we divided the tab into 3 sections -  Cookie Bar Content, Cookie Bar Behavior, and Cookies Management. We made this design similar to the Integrations and Help Center tabs, with the idea of a better user experience.

The Cookie Bar tab in Consentmo

In the Cookie Bar Content section, we have placed fields to edit all of the texts shown on your storefront as part of our app. Additionally, there you can also find the Privacy Policy field, where you can link your store's Privacy Policy page.

In the Cookie Bar Behaviour section, we have placed the controls on how the Cookie bar acts upon interaction from your customers with it.

And in the Cookies Management section, we have placed additional tools specifically for managing the cookies on your store.

Everything you need to know about the Cookie Bar tab redesign can be found here.

  • Preferences Popup preview in the Cookie Bar Behavior section

In the Cookie Bar Behavior section, we now present a Preferences popup preview showing how the popup would look in the store depending on which cookies are initially blocked. When clicking on any of the options under Initial State Of The Cookie Bar, the actual changes in the  Preferences popup show on the preview.

Preferences popup interactive preview in Consentmo
  • Cookie Information table

With this new premium feature in the Cookies Management section, you can now find out more about your cookies and add them to your store’s Privacy Policy page or create a separate Cookie Policy page.

Cookie Information table in Consentmo

When clicking on the "See more" button, you are redirected to the tables, showing all of the cookies' information.

The Cookie information table and ways to export it

More on the Cookie Information table you can find here.

Updates in the Design Settings tab
  • Updated preview

We have updated the Cookie bar preview. Now you can have a better visual of how the Cookie bar can be positioned in your store. To look more in-depth into the design changes, click here.

How to customize your Cookie bar
  • Centered positions of the Cookie bar

With this update available for premium users, you can now place the Cookie bar in the center of the page with a click of a button. Free users can do that too, with the help of the custom CSS field and FAQ 95.

Center placement of the Cookie bar

Additionally, you can place a blurred background, to block the site's content until an interaction with the Cookie bar.

Center placement of the Cookie bar with blurred background
  • New Cookie bar layouts

Shortly after that, we added two new Cookie bar layouts - a Classic and a Modern version. We were inspired by the top fashion brands to create more stylish and unique options for you to customize your store.

Classic layout

Classic Cookie bar layout on storefront

Modern layout

Modern Cookie bar layout on storefront
  • New options for Reject button and Close icon

Two new sliders are available - to enable/disable the Reject button for the Cookie bar and to show/hide the Close icon - the (x) on the top right corner.

New enable and reject button options
Updates in the Translation tab
  • Set Language For The Cookie Bar & Preferences popup feature

This feature was introduced earlier in the year as a premium feature, but now we have made it available for all users. With a click of a button, you can change the language of the Cookie bar and Preferences popup to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. More information about this new feature, you can find here.

Automatic translation of the Consentmo app in multiple languages

Note: After changing the language in the dropdown, you will need to refresh the metafields.

  • Set Language For The Compliance Pages feature

This new premium feature allows users to easily change the language of the GDPR and APPI compliance pages. Since GDPR is a European compliance law, we have set the most used languages to be available - English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Norwegian. As for the APPI, you can switch between English and Japanese. The CCPA and PIPEDA pages are in English only.

Set a language for your compliance pages

Note: After changing the language in the dropdown, you will need to refresh the metafields.

  • New Manage metafields code update

The last new feature we have added in the Translation tab in 2022 is a new button to automatically remove the metafields from theme.liquid file.

The Refresh metafields button

Everything new in the Translation tab can also be found here.

The Records tab
  • Creating a new tab

The previously non-existent tab called Records, now combines the Policy Acceptances, GDPR/CCPA/APPI/PIPEDA Requests, and Deletion Requests. We did this so that all the records information will be in one place and the app will be easier to navigate. Here you can see everything behind the new Records tab.

The Records tab in Consentmo
  • The Records tab filtering and exports

Now the Policy Acceptances, GDPR/CCPA/APPI/PIPEDA Requests and Deletion Requests tabs have the ability to be filtered by date and also to export all of the filtered records.

Policy Acceptances section

Exporting all records in Policy Acceptances section

GDPR/CCPA/APPI/PIPEDA Requests section

Exporting all records in laws requests section

Deletion Requests section

Exporting all records in Deletion requests section
Updates in the Integrations tab
  • Services tracking section

We updated the Integrations tab by adding a Services Tracking section containing our app's blocking for the same. Those tracking services include Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, and Google Consent Mode. For more information on the Services Tracking section, click here.

The service tracking section in Consentmo
  • Add and remove the Blocking script

We now have "Add" and "Remove" buttons as a premium feature for automatically adding and removing the blocking scripts used for integrating our app with tracking services. Each tracking service listed in the Integrations tab contains both buttons.

Add/Remove blocking script buttons in Consentmo
  • 3rd party translation apps

In the Translation apps section in the Integrations tab, we have compiled all of the apps the Consentmo app is compatible with in terms of translations. There you can learn how to integrate any of the apps with ours. More information about translating with 3rd party apps, manually, automatically, etc., you can find here.

Third-party translation apps compatible with Consentmo
Plan updates

Something big we did this year is introducing the Yearly pricing plan options! Earlier in the year, we added an annual payment option, apart from the monthly ones, only for our Enterprise plan, to see if merchants are interested. Based on the gathered feedback, we decided to roll out this feature for all plans. Now we have all of the premium plans available with an annual discounted option. More on this new payment option you can read here.

Pan updates for the app

2022 was a great year for the Consentmo app. New tabs, designs, and features, we really did do a lot and it was so worth it, seeing how we can help so many new Shopify merchants with their compliance. The shops using our app have more than doubled this year, so really, thank you very much for the constant support in our growth!

And in 2023 we are not slowing down - we have many surprises in store, so just sit back and enjoy all of the new treats coming your way.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!

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