Introducing the New and Improved Success Banner for the Consentmo app

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Dilyana Simeonova
Introducing the New and Improved Success Banner for the Consentmo app

Meet the New Success Banner: Simplifying Compliance for You

In this blog post, we will show you the new update of the success banner, which is the first thing you see after finishing the initial configuration of the app!

When going through the Quick Setup of the app, in the first section - "Region Settings" you need to select the countries you want to show the Cookie bar. In other words, depending on where your business is located and where you are shipping to, you can select the law the store has to comply with. 

Quick setup view

Quick setup view

Once your complete the Quick setup you will be redirected to the Global settings tab where you will see the "Success banner" at the top. 

How the banner looks now

How the new Success banner looks
What is new?

Now, with the new update, the banner will notify you if the region you have selected in the settings is different from the one your business is located in. Let me explain. 

If you are running an online business that operates from France and have enabled the app for EU/EEA visitors (GDPR) the banner will be shown as such:

The app enabled correctly

The Cookie bar showing up on the store after being enabled

However, if you have only enabled the store for California (CCPA) visitors, the banner will show the following notice: Note: The region you have enabled the cookie bar for (CCPA) does not match your location. Check this FAQ for more information.

In other words, the location of your business is not fitting the regional settings for France, and you yourself will not be able to see the Cookie bar on your storefront.

The app with a Note -> Success banner with a notice

The Success banner givig a note for users

This notice will further facilitate the cases where you can't see the Cookie bar on your store and are wondering what could be the reason for that. In the banner, you also have a link to the specific FAQ, where you can find additional explanations and solutions to this issue. 

The other amazing thing about this new update is that it is also compatible with our Help Center tab. One of the great features of our app is that if your Cookie bar is not showing in your store, you can run a Diagnose in the Help Centre tab and see what the problem could be. So now, with this update, the diagnosis is much better at locating the business and giving that as the reason for the absence of the Cookie bar.

Running a Diagnose in the Help Centre tab

Running a Diagnose in the Help Centre tab

And this is the update we have in the Consentmo app. To keep yourself up to date on all of the ways to be compliant, follow us on our social media channels, and for questions, don't hesitate to contact us via chat or email, or simply check our FAQ page.

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