Introducing the newest feature of our Consentmo app - Cookie Information Table

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Dilyana Simeonova
July 28, 2022
Introducing the newest feature of our Consentmo app - Cookie Information Table

Meet Our Latest Feature: The Cookie Information Table in Consentmo

Having just celebrated another milestone, with over 25 000 merchants happily using the Consentmo app, what better way to show that we are not slowing down, than by announcing another new feature -  the Cookie Information Table. This new premium feature can be found in the Cookie Consent Bar tab and it allows our users to easily set up a Cookie Information page.

Why do you need this feature?

As an online merchant, you need to have an easily accessible as well as detailly explained Privacy Policy of your store. A must-have addition to that is a description of all the cookies used on your site. What we have made possible with the Consentmo app is the option to add a ready-made table, listing all your cookies on any page of your choosing.

How does the Cookie Information Table work?

The Cookie Information Table section, located in the Cookie Consent Bar tab, will now show you all of the cookies listed on your site, separated into tables by category for your convenience. There, you will be able to copy the table for each cookie group or make a copy of all tables at once and paste it into a page of your choosing. This could be your store's Privacy Policy page, a dedicated Cookies Policy page, or whatever fits your store and business case.

Note: these cookies are taken from the lists of cookies in the Cookie Information Panel. If a cookie is set on your store but missing from the lists, you need to navigate to the Cookie Information Panel and add the cookie manually from there.

1. Go to the Cookie Consent Bar tab > Cookie Information Table > See more.

The Cookie Information Table section in the Cookie Consent Bar tab

2. If you wish to copy all of the tables, press the Copy all tables HTML button.

Copying all Cookie tables

3. If you just want to place information about a category of cookies, scroll to the cookie table you want and select Copy table code.

Selecting a specific table to copy

4. To place the cookie table, go to Online store > Pages and select an existing Policy page or, if there is none, press the Add page button to create a dedicated one.

Locating your store's Policy Page

5. Let's explore the case where we add a new dedicated Cookie page. Press the Show HTML button:

Show HTML button in Privacy Policy page

6. From there, in the Content field paste the copied code. 

Placing the code for the Cookie table in the Policy page

7. When pressing the HTML button again, the Cookie Information Table will be visible in the Content field.

The Cookie Information Table in the Content field.

And that is how you have created a Cookie Policy page with the help of the Cookie Information table feature. It is now up to you to add some additional descriptions for the overall purpose of the cookies in your store, that could go on top of the table at the beginning of the newly created page.

The Cookie Information table in the Privacy Policy page
Cookies without description 

In the cookie table page, you will also see a table that has a List of cookies without description.

The list of cookies without description

You can further categorize these cookies through the Cookie Information Panel. For the sake of the example, let's take the Secure_customer_sig cookie.

Categorizing the list of cookies without description

Go to Cookie Information Panel and find this cookie in the Select a cookie to modify field. Now you can add a description and Save the information through the Save Cookie button.

The Cookie Information Panel in Consentmo

When you go back to the Cookie Information Table page, you will see that this cookie is properly listed under the Reporting and Analytics category.

Properly listed cookies in the Cookie Information table

And this is the update we have added to the Cookie Consent Bar tab in the Consentmo app. You asked and we delivered, so if you have any suggestions for improvements and comments, we are here to listen. More updates are coming soon, so stay tuned. 

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