Unlock Advanced Consent Management at Checkout with Consentmo’s New Feature

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Dilyana Simeonova
June 11, 2024
Unlock Advanced Consent Management at Checkout with Consentmo’s New Feature

Advance Your Shopify Experience with Consentmo’s New Cookie Bar in Checkout

As a Shopify merchant, guaranteeing a smooth and compliant shopping experience for your customers is of great importance. We're excited to introduce the latest addition to our Consentmo suite: the Checkout Block feature, for Shopify Plus stores. The new functionality expands the Cookie Bar settings tab, offering you advanced consent management capabilities directly at the checkout stage.

What is the Checkout Block?

The Checkout Block by Consentmo is an new feature for our Plus and Enterprise users that allows you to incorporate a consent management banner into the checkout process of your Shopify Plus store. This makes sure that your store not only complies with privacy regulations but also maintains transparency with your customers about how their data is handled during their purchase journey.

Key Benefits of the Checkout Block
  • Enhanced Compliance: The Checkout Block helps you stay compliant with global data privacy laws by capturing consent where it matters most - right at the point of transaction. This is crucial for stores operating in or targeting customers from regions with strict data protection laws.
  • Persistent Visibility: With the option to keep the banner visible post-consent, you reassure your customers that their preferences are respected throughout their shopping experience, not just at the initial point of contact. This ongoing visibility reinforces trust and transparency, key pillars of customer satisfaction.
  • Customizable User Interface: The feature includes a collapsible banner mode, which ensures that the consent banner does not intrude on the customer experience by taking up unnecessary space. This can be expanded for more details at the customer’s convenience, combining compliance with a superior user experience.
How to Enable the Checkout Block

Setting up the Checkout Block in your Shopify Plus store is straightforward:

  1. Navigate to the Cookie Bar Settings: Access the Consentmo dashboard and select the 'Cookie Bar Settings' tab.
  2. Enable the Checkout Block: Click on the 'Checkout Block' section and toggle the feature 'Yes' or click the button to 'Enable'.
  3. Customize Your Settings: Choose to keep the banner persistent post-consent and decide if you want the banner to start in a collapsed state to save space.
  4. 'Add app block' from Shopify: Follow Shopify's steps to Add app block, so the Cookie Bar is visible in Checkout. Go to Online Store > Customize > Checkout and new customer acc > Add app block > Consentmo.

The Checkout block setting

Viewing Checkout Consent Records

Like all other consent records for your store, the consents given by visitors at the checkout are neatly recorded and can be easily accessed. To view these records:

  • Navigate to the Consent Log tab in your Consentmo dashboard.
  • Click on the Policy Acceptances section.

Here, you'll find detailed records of each consent given at the checkout, allowing you to monitor and manage these consents effectively.

Note for Non-Shopify Plus Users

Currently, the Checkout Block feature is exclusive to Shopify Plus plans. This is due to the specific APIs and customization capabilities offered by Shopify Plus, which allow for deeper integration into the checkout process.


The Checkout Block is more than just a feature - it's your tool to build deeper trust with your customers by confirming a transparent and compliant checkout process. For Shopify Plus merchants, it's a step forward in securing customer confidence and loyalty.

Explore more about how Consentmo can help optimize your Shopify store's compliance and user experience by visiting our app listing page.

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